Membership Terms and Conditions

1. The initial joining fee per member depends on the package that is chosen:

Birdie - $75(+tax)

Eagle - $125(+tax)

2. Monthly membership fee depends on the package that is chosen:

Birdie - $60 (+tax)

Eagle - $100 (+tax)

*Birdie members can play any of our affiliate courses Monday - Friday and after 1:00 on Saturday & Sunday and Holidays.

*Eagle members will not have any time restrictions

Golf carts will be required for every round. The negotiated fee at all of the affiliated courses is $20. If you only play 9 holes, the cart fee will be $10.

If you want to walk, you will still be required to pay the cart fee. This fee helps to keep the courses happy and will allow us to continue to add quality golf courses to the TCC.

3. Participating courses are subject to change. We will update our membership of golf courses changes via email, Facebook and or our website -www.travelingcountryclub.com

4. Membership dues are billed on the 1st of the month (year round) and recurrent until request for cancellation is received.  The initial fee is a one-time fee and will be billed at the time the member signs up

5. Member may discontinue membership with a 30-day written (email) cancellation notice.  All cancellation notices must be submitted via email (info@travelingcountryclub.com) or through our website. None of our membership packages are pro-rated. For Example, if you join on May 5th, you will still pay the full membership package monthly price. Also, if you cancel on July 5th, you will be required to pay dues for the full month of July.

6. If a member cancels and then decides they want to re-join at a late date, the initiation fee will be charged again once the member re-joins.

7. We want this to be a fun membership and we want everyone to enjoy their time on the golf courses. However, all of our courses have the opportunity to file complaints against our members. Each complaint will be taken serious. If we determine that certain members are causing issues at the courses, memberships can and will be suspended or cancelled.

8. Golf courses will check our members in to the courses. Please make sure you always have your TCC app open while checking into the courses. You will have a picture and a profile on your account that must be shown at check in. Also, all of our courses will have a list of our active members and will be logging each round that is played.

9. Your membership to The Traveling Country Club is non-transferable.

10. TCC was created to get people to play more golf at more courses. If you find yourself playing the same course every time, then this membership is likely not the right fit for you and you should probably join the course that you continue to play. TCC members can play up to 12 eighteen hole rounds per month per course. We have the right to charge a surcharge of $10 per round above and beyond the allotted 12 rounds per course per month.

11. TCC has a right to terminate membership at any time and for any reason.

12. Damages for the member are limited to the cost paid to TCC during the last 12 month period.

By joining, I hereby authorize Traveling Country Club, LLC (TCC) to charge, or to initiate transfer from, the account  designated above for the purpose of making the recurring monthly payments I owe for TCC's Membership dues on or around the 1st of the month.  I understand that my obligation under this agreement includes my recurring monthly fees, applicable state sales taxes, charges and any other unpaid fees or dues including past unpaid dues, penalties and fees.  This authorization will remain in full force and effect during the term of this membership agreement which is OPEN unless cancelled by the Member.  I confirm that I am authorized under the terms of the applicable agreement with my financial institution to use the account designated for the purchase of goods and services from Traveling Country Club and agree to comply with the financial institution’s agreement at all times this authorization is in effect.  I understand at no time am I eligible to receive any refunds for  any amounts paid. I further agree that should I terminate this direct payment authorization, that upon such termination I shall have no further golfing or membership privileges with the The Traveling Country Club. I also agree to indemnify Traveling Country Club, LLC and all participating TCC courses from any and all damages or liabilities incurred while using the benefits of The TCC membership.


$60 initial fee

Unlimited play at any of our affiliated courses



Initiation fee will include: TCC Bag tag, sleeve of Pro V 1's, GHIN access for first 12 months (starting in 2020) and a donation to the First Tee of the Upstate

* Course access fee of $20 is paid to the courses

* Some golf courses have other limitations that may apply

*Startup fee will include - TCC Bag Tag, sleeve of premium golf balls, GHIN Access for first 12 months (starting in 2020) and a donation to the First Tee of the Upstate


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