TCC members will have unlimited access any day of the week (as long as there are open tee times). Certain courses have restricted TCC play to afternoons only, so members would have to adhere to those restrictions.

Fee Paid to course will be COURSE ACCESS FEE as outlined on App, Website and TCC communication. This rate is as low as $20 (includes cart) for 18 holes but can fluctuate depending on the course.

What are the times I’m allowed to play?

Yes. The TCC Membership is all year round. Like a private country club, the monthly unlimited golf dues are spread out across all 12 months so members may budget for their golf and enjoy a tremendous annual value for unlimited greens fees.

During the winter months, Traveling Country Club will host events at Indoor golf Facilities/driving ranges, and other social outings, so that everyone can stay in touch and still enjoy the benefits of being a TCC member.

Do I have to pay in the Winter?

Yes. All of our memberships can be cancelled with 30 days notice. Memberships will cancel at the beginning of the following month. So if you cancel on November 24th, your membership will officially cancel on Jan 1st. If you cancel on November 1st, your membership will cancel on December 1st. We do not intend to have a lot of members cancel this membership. If you do cancel and then decide to re-join, you will be responsible for paying another start-up fee (currently $60).

Can I cancel my membership?

This membership is not designed to take place of individual memberships that courses currently offer. If you are planning to only play at one course then it will likely make more sense to join that course. Members are not allowed to play our courses more than 12 times per month. All rounds will be tracked by the courses (and our App). If the rounds per month at one course exceeds 12, then you could be charged additional dollars per round played. We do not want to charge more and want this to be a fun and enjoyable experience for all. If you find yourself playing the same course all the time, connect with new members on the app and try a new course!

How many times can members play the same course?

Yes and Yes! We are constantly trying to add new courses for you to enjoy. As we get more courses signed up, we open up the membership to include more people.

Are you planning on adding new Members and Courses?

From 10/1/2019 to 12/31/2019, when you join, you will only be billed the initiation fee (+tax). Starting on the first of the next month, you will be billed the monthly membership fee ($85+tax). This will allow you to start playing almost immediately. Thereafter, the member will be billed the monthly fee on the 1st day of each month.

How do we connect with other members?

Our innovative app will allow you to connect with all TCC members. You will have the ability to find games and connect with other members. We have also set up a Slack Worksite with our members to communicate that way as well. We encourage you to engage with our Instagram and Facebook groups to both connect with members and to promote the membership.

When will I be billed?

YES! We will be having member tournaments, member-guests tournaments, weekly league events and social events. Our inaugural Member/Guest will be held on November 9th. Sign up now to ensure your spot in the tourney!

Will we have events for Members and Member-Guests?

Non-members need to check in and pay like a normal public golfer would. Guests do not receive member pricing so please do not expect (or ask) courses for special exceptions for guests. Feel free to invite them to Join TCC with you! The only way to check into a golf course is with the TCC App, only members have the TCC app.

What if I play with a non-member?

The start-up fee is being put back into the business to ensure that we have the best membership possible. This includes, but not limited to, finding new golf courses, improving the functionality with our platforms, running events and tournaments and finding exciting new partnerships. Also, each member that signs up gets a TCC bag tag, sleeve of premium balls and GHIN handicap access for first 12 months (starting in 2020) and we will make a donation to the First Tee of the Upstate… pretty good value for $60.

What is the initiation fee for?

*Please note that some courses have certain restrictions such as not being able to play until after 1:00. We will update members weekly with any provisions.


$60 initial fee

Unlimited play at any of our affiliated courses



* Course access fee of $20 is paid to the courses

* Some golf courses have other limitations that may apply

Call or Text us with any questions.


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